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  • Bitwala to Feature in Web3-Focused Reality Series CryptoKnights
  • Innovative Platform and Global Audience

2024-05-30 Berlin, Germany – Bitwala has been selected to participate in the inaugural season of CryptoKnights, a reality TV show similar to Shark Tank or Lion’s Den, dedicated to showcasing promising Web3 projects.

Produced by the entertainment platform Ritestream and spearheaded by Emmy-nominated producer Riaz Mehta, the show is set to premiere in 2024.

Dennis Daiber, CEO of Bitwala, reacted to the announcement with a tweet:

“The show will be airing on your favorite streaming platform later this year. I am guessing 250 Million people will see us pitch.”

The name of the streaming platform can not be disclosed, he added.

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Daiber’s tweet on X.

Bitwala, a Made-in-Germany mobile wallet app, allows users to manage Bitcoin and Ethereum. The instant trading app, with only a 1% transaction fee, is driving mainstream crypto adoption across Europe, with hotspots in Spain, The Netherlands, France, and the Baltics.

This strategic investment opens Bitwala’s low-fee trading and debit card service to global partnerships.

Innovative Platform and Global Audience

CryptoKnights, inspired by popular formats like Shark Tank and The Apprentice, offers a unique platform for cryptocurrency ventures to present their innovative ideas. Bitwala will pitch its concept of “living on Bitcoin” to a global audience on leading streaming platforms.

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