Berlin's Alexander Tower (nobot)Berlin's Alexander Tower (nobot)

Wiesbaden, Germany — The Federal Election Commissioner has announced the preliminary results of the repeat of the 2021 Bundestag election, which took place on February 12, 2024, in Berlin.

The election was ordered by the Federal Constitutional Court after declaring the original election on September 26, 2021, invalid.

Preliminary Results are as follows:

Political party Seats Difference on 2017
CDU 152 -48
SPD 206 +53
AfD 83 -11
FDP 91 +11
DIE LINKE 39 -30
GRÜNE 118 +51
CSU 45 -1
SSW 1 +1

The full press release can be found on the website

By Silvia Orfeo

Silvia Orfeo is a Sr. Politics and Economics Reporter at Nobot.News

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