Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Autobahn GmbH jointly tested the battery-electric eActros 600Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Autobahn GmbH jointly tested the battery-electric eActros 600
  • Mercedes-Benz’s eActros 600 Successfully Tested for Winter Services
  • Joint Venture with Autobahn GmbH Demonstrates eActros 600’s Efficiency in Winter Conditions

Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Oelde, Germany – In an innovative test of its capabilities, Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Autobahn GmbH, a German Federal Government entity, have collaboratively put the eActros 600, a battery-electric truck, through rigorous winter service testing. Conducted in early February, the trial took place on a stretch of the A2 highway between Hamm and Bielefeld.

The central focus of the test was to evaluate the eActros 600’s performance in winter conditions, specifically for the preventive spreading of brine, an eco-friendlier alternative to traditional road salt. Autobahn GmbH utilized a prototype of this electric truck, equipped with a semitrailer provided by Epoke. This semitrailer is uniquely designed to allow the dispersion of brine at speeds up to 80 km/h, covering an impressive width of up to 12 meters.

What sets this semitrailer apart is its independent power source, functioning separately from the tractor unit through the rear wheel of the semitrailer. Additionally, the brine spreader is operated wirelessly via a radio remote control, enhancing ease of use and operational efficiency.

By Lisa Luckas

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