American Airlines orders 85 Boeing 737 MAX jets, expands fleet with 737-10 modelAmerican Airlines orders 85 Boeing 737 MAX jets, expands fleet with 737-10 model
  • American Airlines finalizes agreements for CFM International’s LEAP-1B engines.
  • Deal includes purchase of spare engines and a 20-year service agreement.
  • LEAP-1B engines to power Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 10 aircraft.
  • American’s current fleet includes 303 CFM-powered Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft.

West Chester, Ohio — American Airlines has taken a significant step in modernizing its fleet by finalizing multiple agreements with CFM International for the supply of LEAP-1B engines. These engines are set to power American’s Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 10 fleet, marking a strategic move in aviation efficiency and sustainability.

CFM International is a joint venture based in Paris, which was founded in 1974 in equal shares by the two engine manufacturers Snecma (today: Safran Aircraft Engines) and GE Aviation

There is more:

In addition to the engine acquisition, the agreements encompass the procurement of spare engines and a comprehensive 20-year service contract, covering both existing and new LEAP-1B engines. This long-term service agreement signifies a commitment to reliability and efficiency in American’s operations.

American Airlines, already operating a fleet of 303 CFM-powered Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft, continues its partnership with CFM International, a leader in high-efficiency engines. The LEAP-1B engine, known for its exceptional performance, offers a 15% to 20% improvement in fuel consumption and significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to previous generation engines. This upgrade aligns with the aviation industry’s evolving focus on environmental sustainability.

Debut in 2016:

Since its debut in 2016, the LEAP engine family has played a pivotal role in reducing the environmental impact of air travel. CFM customers, including American Airlines, have been able to cut down CO2 emissions by over 32 million tons, a testament to the engine’s advanced technology and efficiency.

This strategic partnership with CFM International positions American Airlines at the forefront of sustainable aviation, ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry.

American’s Chief Financial Officer Devon May said:

“Over the past decade, we have invested heavily to modernize and simplify our fleet, which is the largest and youngest among U.S. network carriers. We’re very pleased to partner with CFM to service our entire Boeing 737 MAX fleet with newer, more efficient engines so we can continue to deliver the best network and record-setting operational reliability for our customers.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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