Yellow Pepers at Dutch Albert Heijn supermarket chainYellow Pepers at Dutch Albert Heijn supermarket chain
  • Robust Financial Performance: Ahold Delhaize reported a free cash flow of €2.4 billion, hitting the higher end of its guidance range.
  • Significant Cost Savings: The company exceeded its ‘Save for Our Customers’ goal, generating over €1.25 billion in cost savings.

Zaandam, The Netherlands – Ahold Delhaize, a leading global food retailer, said Wednesday that it successfully met its key financial goals for 2023, reflecting the company’s solid performance amidst challenging market conditions.

Overview of Ahold Delhaize’s Financial Achievements in 2023

Ahold Delhaize’s financial achievements in 2023 are a testament to its effective management and strategic operations. The company reported a strong free cash flow of €2.4 billion, aligning with the higher spectrum of its projected range. This robust cash flow is a result of consistent and solid operating cash flows, demonstrating the company’s financial resilience.

In terms of capital expenditures (CapEx), Ahold Delhaize strategically invested €2.4 billion in key areas such as store remodels and Home Shop Centers. These investments also included innovations and improvements that align with the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda, underlining its commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. The modernization of the company’s infrastructure is a part of this strategic investment, which will further solidify its market position.

A significant highlight of the year was the company’s ability to exceed its original ‘Save for Our Customers’ goal. Ahold Delhaize generated over €1.25 billion in cost savings, which is €250 million more than initially planned. This accomplishment enabled the company’s brands to maintain low prices for customers, reflecting its dedication to value and affordability.


The financial milestones achieved by Ahold Delhaize in 2023 showcase the company’s adeptness in navigating a complex retail environment. By exceeding its financial goals and delivering significant cost savings, Ahold Delhaize continues to affirm its position as a leading and responsible player in the global food retail sector. The company’s focus on sustainable investments and customer-centric strategies plays a crucial role in its ongoing success and future growth prospects.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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